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September 17th, 2020

06:49 pm

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January 26th, 2011

11:17 am
Holy crap I live in Seattle now.

I actually graduated from Georgia Tech (another Holy crap is in order), and Midas up and moved us to Seattle. He said I'd have a better chance getting a job in the game industry here, and he already has a job with PopCap :P Not even fair. He totally cheated. I'm trying to get a job with microsoft game studio as a producer, but I've got my eye on popcap. The MOMENT they have a job opening that I'm qualified for I'm jumpin on it.

Haven't fully moved in yet. Still need a desk, a bed, a dresser... but I have a couch and TV :D which is pretty much all I need. FINALLY got internet so my laptop is working out just fine. Tbh, I don't miss Atlanta at all. I miss knowing my way around a city, but other than Chic-Fil-A Atlanta didn't really have anything awesome. Miss Miami more.


still kinda worked up about the whole thing :)

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September 8th, 2010

01:43 pm
So.. it's been a while. Lots has changed. But really it hasn't. This is my final semester at Georgia Tech which is terrifying and freeing all at once. On one hand, FUCK YEA! I FINALLY GET MY FUCKING DEGREE. I wish the degree came with burned edges and blood stains to represent the sacrifices that went into it. Was it worth it? I don't think so. If I could choose all over again, I'd go to FIU for free, get straight A's, live with my mom for free, hang out with my friends, and go to the beach everyday. Maybe apply to Tech for gradschool. On the other hand, I would have never met Midas, I would have never gotten a game into E3, and I'd probably have all my sanity and never found out how much fun being on xanax and causing a scene is.

I like to say that Tech takes up all my time, and that's why I haven't been able to do things. "Oh, I haven't had time to read, I'm busy with school", or "Oh, I haven't had time to practice dance, I'm busy with school". And yes, that's true to an extent, but to be honest if I really wanted to do it I'd find the time somehow. I can't imagine how much time I waste just dicking around on the internet (LIKE RIGHT NOW :D). I don't read because I have textbooks I'm supposed to be reading... There's one open on my desk right now. Infact, it's been open to page 3 for the past 4 days. I don't even know how I got to page 3. What happened on pages 1 and 2?

Can't be too hard on myself because I did get an internship with Hi-Rez studios (they make Global Agenda, the shooter MMO). It is seriously impossible to convince myself to go the office. I trick myself to get in the car by pretending I'm going somewhere fun, but then I don't exit where I told myself I was going. Its a big game of deceit I play with myself. When I get there, it's really not as bad as I worked it up in my head to be. I get into the work, and by the time I look up from my computer it's 6pm. I'm supposed to be driving to work right now.

Things I wish I wasn't too lazy to take up:

1. Practice dance
2. Start a blog
3. Learn to cook
4. Freelance webdesign
5. Learn JavaScript (for real this time)
6. Read as many scifi books as my professor

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February 19th, 2010

11:36 am
I've stopped making my entries private, mostly because I'm 98% certain there isn't a huge amount of people out there wanting to read these.

Kitten died this week. Even though we weren't close buds, we shared a moment or two. To be honest, I'm not ready to write about it. I've been doing everything in my power to keep it out of my mind. I cried, talked about it with friends, read all his blogs, cried some more, and then decided to just play video games till the feeling went away. Two days later I've beaten Bayonetta, and about to finish Assassins creed 2. RIP kitten <3 Thanks for the drunk philosophical talks, even though I was always too nervous to answer your questions. :)

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January 24th, 2010

09:23 pm
Even though I'm only taking 12 hours, school is exhausting me. I really can't wait for this to be over and done with. I've pretty much decided to pick up and move to NY after all of this. Whether I go to grad school is iffy. I'm applying to schools that would be an act of god to get me in. NYU, SVA, and New School of Design. As much fun as grad school would be, I'm not too keen on debt, and also not sure how much having a masters would help me in life. I'll let the schools decide for me if I should continue or not :P

I love dance. I really do. I wake up sore every morning, my bones hurt, and every day I ask why am I still doing this, but the pain almost reinforces that I'm doing something. I've taken up yoga for strength training and try to do it before class to keep flexibility up. I'm not *amazing* at it, but it is a great form of self expression and I really feel like I can make it my own personal style. Sometimes it relieves all my frustrations, other times its the source. I can't wait till I actually don't look stupid doing.

Trying not to just drift through life as much, trying to have an active role in the direction its going. I've been searching out great little spots in Atlanta to chill out and enjoy the evening. Cafe Istanbul was a great mix of a hookah bar/ restaurant/ club. A peach hookah with chicken shishkabob reaaallly hit the spot that night. Found a bunch of great asian stores out by Norcross also. Plan on trying sushi in one of the more authentic places later in time (ie: when I get a bit more money). I'm pretty much trying to travel the world from my little city. Next on the list is to find an arcade that doesn't suck.
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April 15th, 2009

11:20 am
I thought I should mention, that for the first time in almost 6 years, I have a fully operational website.

It does have a functional blog, so I might use it. But probably not as there is no "friends-only" option.

Life has been pretty good otherwise. Midas got a 50k a year job, so we don't have to live in poverty anymore, and my dad said he'd pay for my college, so I don't have to work anymore. I got fired from my internship because of my inability to show up. Can't say I blame them. Ah well. At least I get one more check for the work I did do.

I'm hoping to get an HCI research position over the summer. It'll be something I actually care about, so the chances of me showing up are greatly increased. While I did care for the internship, I didn't care for the work they were giving me or the product we were working towards.

My grades are probably going to be two C's and an A this semester. The A in web design :P

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